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Australian Wool Innovation

AWI is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 24,000 Australian wool levy payers who have registered as AWI shareholders. The company invests in R&D, marketing and promotion to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry and to increase the demand and market access for Australian wool. AWI engaged EPiServer Premium partner Levo in 2014, to ensure their investment in the EPiServer platform was secure and to assist in their goal of driving growth and efficiency through digital channels.


AWI were operating a family of related websites including 6 sites on an outdated version of EPiServer and multiple other sites using various technology platforms. Each site was similar in both design and functionality however were all built using separate code bases.

Maintenance was cumbersome and time consuming, each new piece of functionality created required replication across each code base. Content could not be shared between sites, administrators often being required to copy and paste between CMS platforms.


Continuous upgrade and rollout of websites onto a single framework utilising the most up to date version of Episerver CMS and eCommerce. Features include a centralised hub for authentication and integration to Salesforce. Utilising a single framework has allowed for rapid design, development and deployment of both new functionality and new websites to meet business requirements. This result has been achieved through close collaboration and careful planning between AWI and Levo.

Through considered, intelligent design we created a library of common elements to be utilised across all sites, these include modular page layouts, flexible content types and widgets. Dynamic library elements utilise theming to provide a consistent experience and codebase yet are able to offer unique look and feel where required. This approach has not only lowered ongoing development costs, It has also allowed AWI to forge ahead with new initiatives including, regional sites, multi-lingual capabilities, ecommerce and delivery of educational content via an integrated LMS.